Born and raised in NYC, I live in the DC area now

Before moving to DC, I worked in corporate as a Senior Producer and Social Media Manager at Fox 5 News, ABC News Good Morning America and as a Senior Executive at Starwood Hotels and Resorts and Marriott corporate headquarters. I received my black belt in Brazilian Juijitsu from Matt Serra in 2017 and served as a firefighter for many years with the Lawrence-Cedarhurst Fire Department..

Now I serve America at the Food and Drug Administration

I’ve got a 10 year old Rottweiler named Roxy

she doesn’t bite

I have a 33 year old turtle

She bites

Happy Thanksgiving

And happy Bday to me 😜

It’s a crazy time these days, just stay positive and everything will work itself out

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Israel Joffe birthday fun

Israel Joffe and crew had a blast . Birthday weekend and Thanksgiving with great friends and great family…

Chris Jericho wishes Israel Joffe happy birthday

Happy Bday to me

Chris Jericho wishes Israel Joffe a happy birthday

Israel Joffe and mini-me niece
Me and my mini me niece Trish
Israel Joffe, UFC Hall of Famer Matt Serra, Avi Joffe
Israel Joffe and Sylvester Stallone, with a Frank Stallone photo bomb in the back 🙂
Israel Joffe at the White House
Israel Joffe and Roxy at dinner 🙂

it is what it is